Easiest Way Of Getting The Crowd: Cheerleading Megaphone

Cheerleading Megaphone

It’s all about the spirit at games and pep rallies! Use pom-poms, Megaphones, banners, Spirit flags, Battle flags, Signs, and Catchy chants as it is the easiest way to rev up the crowd. Your audience will be more enthusiastic if you are more energetic than them that makes the sports team more spirited. This can make the difference between winning or losing the game.

Chants and crowd-pleasers

Although there aren’t any regulations regarding how many crowd-pleasers or chants you should use during a game (or how many) we have found that planning can help your crowd get more involved in cheering on your team to victory!

First of all, welcome to all those who are new to the cheer world!

Secondly, A crowd-pleaser, or a simple chant such as “Go Big Red”, is used to get the crowd involved in the game & get the environment revved up. Crowd pleasers usually consist of claps and clasps that require minimal movement to get the crowd involved. A chant is similar, but it has more complicated motions or is longer in words, such as:

Push it to the limits, get it to the top
We are the Mighty Vikings and we cannot be stopped!

It’s quite a list! Keep your chants short and to the point. Your audience will cheer for you if they can comprehend your words.

Let’s now talk numbers. It is preferable to have between four and five chants for each crowd pleaser. This guideline may be a little too strict if the game takes a dramatic turn or the crowd is very geared up. If this is the case, then cater to the crowd!

Although many coaches believe this ratio suits their needs, it may not be the best for you.


Props are another great way to get the crowd!

Poms – Holographic and metallic poms catch everyone’s eye and capture their attention. They don’t have to be used with every cheer. However, they can be a great way to get the attention of the crowd to notice what you’re doing.

Megaphones – A cheerleading megaphone can be used to get the crowd involved as this is another great tool in the cheerleader’s arsenal. One cheerleader can use the megaphone while the rest of the group sings to encourage the crowd to join in.

Spirit Flags and Battle Flags – If you are using Spirit Flags for spelling out words, keep them short and sweet like “go team!” or “win”! Giant Battle Flags measure 58″ x 80″, and are perfect for displaying school names and team mascots.

Megaphones, flags, and banners must feature your school’s or team’s colors.

Your goal is to encourage team spirit and to get everyone in a competitive mood Do you have any tips or hints. Leave a comment below! Don’t forget to visit Getpoms to get your crowd-pleasing gear!

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