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Pom Poms

Many cheerleaders, coaches, and dancers want to know how to keep their pom poms in peak condition throughout the season. Here’s a quick list that might help.

  • Keep them away from your car and garage. Poms are sensitive to heat and moisture, so make sure you have them with you at all times.


  • Do not put them in your bag after a performance. They don’t like the heat in your bag. However, the streamers won’t stay neat if they are put in a backpack or stuffed in a back.


  • Hang your poms out of your backpack or bag. You can also buy carabiners in bulk at the dollar shop. The carabiner can be hung from your backpack, and your poms can be hung from it. Simply tie two streamers together, then attach them to your bag.


  • Have practice poms and game-day poms. This will ensure that your new poms are not used for both practices and game days. This will ensure a longer life span for your poms.


  • Cheerleaders and dancers can’t control Mother Nature and it will rain at least once during a football match. If you find yourself in the middle of a downpour at a football game and your poms get wet , either lay them out to dry or use an air fan to dry them faster once you return home. To prevent streamers from sticking together, shake them around while drying.

These quick tips will help you keep your poms and pom pom balls looking great throughout the season.

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