Know More About Kilt Accessories for Formal and Casual Occasions

Kilt Accessories

Kilt accessories are an essential part of the modern Scottish set of kilt accessories. They also make up a large part of the Irish set of kilt accessory sets.

A kilt worn by itself is not the same thing as a kilt-dressed outfit. The jacket you wear with the kilt and accessories are what will make the difference. A proper formal kilt outfit includes all the accessories. These can be as simple as the kilt belt, the kilt hose flags, or as large as the sporran and kilt jacket. If you want to stay true to tradition and look your best, there are some accessories that you should keep in mind when buying a new Kilt outfit.

Wearing Kilt Accessories

Modern kilt accessories can be used in many different situations.

Formal wedding

This is where black-tie or “white tie” attire is required. The appropriate attire for each is discussed in the first. Although it does not cover the Scottish kilt, the first can be very useful for those who aren’t as familiar with formal attire for men. This includes Scottish weddings and other formal events.

Highland Games

The Highland Games and Ceilidh are two other occasions when kilt accessories can be worn. These games are held throughout Scotland during the summer months. You will also see that dancers and athletes wear kilts to the Scottish Ceilidh dance.

  • Another reason to wear a kilt during Scottish National team sports like football is that fans are the tartan army.
  • These events see the kilt worn with a casual shirt and chunky shoes, which is the uniform of the tartan army.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

One of the most memorable kilt events is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

  • It is one of Scotland’s most popular tourist attractions. It features acts from all over, and it truly is a world-class spectacle with massed pipes, Scottish dancing, and many other entertainments.

National Tartan Day

  • Tartan Day is a major kilt occasion where America and Canada honor the strong ties between their countries, Scotland, and Canada.
  • It is a US national holiday and is celebrated on Tartan Day the 6th of April.
  • Celebrate with massed pipes and other forms of Scottish culture in many cities and towns across America and Canada.
  • It’s a chance to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Scottish Americans to the United States.

Graduation Ceremonies

  • Graduation ceremonies are becoming more formal as more students opt to wear kilts every year.
  • They want to look their best on one of the most important occasions of their university or college career.
  • Many people will wear their kilts to show their Celtic heritage.

Kilt Accessories | Kilt Jackets & Waistcoats

If people want to wear a formal outfit like a kilt, it’s because they are attending a formal event. The kilt jacket should be your first choice. The Kilt Jackets can all be selected depending on how formal you wish to appear.

Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket

Elegant and sophisticated, the Prince Charlie jacket_ is. This jacket is perfect for formal occasions, such as black tie events and other formal events.

Accessory to wear with a Scottish Kilt

The proper Kilt Accessories Set are essential for any highland outfit. You can find many accessories that are small and easy to use.

This can include a scarf, sporran for kilt belt, kilt buckles, socks, flashes, and more. You have more options for dressing up the accessories you have.

Scottish Ghillie Shirt

  • For formal events, you should wear a traditional kilt shirt.
  • To wear the kilt ensemble, you’ll need a kilt blouse and a waistcoat.

Scottish Sporran

  • A sporran is required for tartan kilts that have no pockets. The Sporran pouch attaches to your Kilt with either a chain or leather strap. It is tucked between the metal loops that are often found along the sides of the kilts.
  • There are many options for sporrans. You can dress them up or down however you like.

Kilt Belt & Buckles

Belts and buckles may not be necessary in all cases. These accessories are only necessary when a waistcoat does not match the outfit.

Kilt belt Buckle can be matched with a Prince Charlie jacket, a bow tie, or a straight tartan tie.

These buckles can be customized with Celtic symbols or Celtic knots.

Kilt Pins & Brooch

  • You can accessorize even further with a Kilt pin. This also allows you to be as plain as you like or as elaborate as you wish.
  • Fly Plaid Brooch to add color to your kilt. It is traditionally made from silver.

Tartan necktie and Bow tie

  • The right Tartan Necktie and bow tie are essential. A winged collar is a must, as these seem to be most in demand.
  • These tartan ties can be worn in casual settings. This accessory is a great kilt accessory to your traditional kilt set. It’s affordable and easy to use.

Kilt Hose & Flashes

  • Kilt hose socks are socks that are worn with the kilt. They are made of wool. These thick kilt hosesocks (socks), were worn with formal kilts.
  • Kilt flashes are available in solid colors and patterns to match the tartan. With a garter under the socks, the flashes can be worn on the outside of your calf.
  • It is important to have a kilt hose, and flashes are also important in finishing the look.

Scottish Ghillie Brogues

The only way to wear a kilt at a formal event is with Scottish Kilt shoes. They can also be a nightmare.

These kilt footwear are made of leather and have a metal insert at the heel. The laces go halfway up the calf.

You can complete the look with kilt shoes or a kilt cap.

Clothes make the man

  • We have kilts in a variety of styles to suit your event. Your Kilt with Kilt Accessories.
  • We hope you find our guide helpful and relieve some of the stress. If you purchase a Kilt or Accessories from us, the event will be a success.

Every Tartan Kilt comes with all the gear you need, at a discounted price!

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