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Kilt Pins

The kilt pin you choose is yours. Your kilt pin, just like your tartan, is your chance to show your style and add an individual touch to your kilt outfit.

What is a kilt pin, you ask? What do you wear it with? What’s it made from?

We are the only company that knows kilts better than anyone else. We are here to help you learn everything about the kilt pin.


The kilt pin can be used for both ornamental and functional purposes. The main purpose of the kilt pin is to add weight and stability to the kilt’s open edges to prevent it from moving or blowing open.

To keep your kilt close, however, a kilt pin should not be attached through both layers. This can restrict your movement and cause damage to your kilt.


The outer layer of material should only be used to fasten your kilt pin. This is located at the bottom right-hand corner of your kilt. Most people will place their kilt pin about 2-3 inches from the fringed edge, and 2-3 inches up from the bottom.

It is up to you to decide where it should go, but it should be close enough to the corner to prevent the apron from leaking open.

Be creative! Try different placements for the pin: at the intersection of stripes or in the middle of a square of solid color.


Our kilt pins include many made of pewter. Others are made with sterling silver, chrome, natural wood, or foraged Stag Horn.


Your kilt pin can express your feelings, whether you are paying homage to your clan members or going for something more fun like the Highland Cow Kilt Pin.

You can go for an ironically minimalist look by using a safety pin-style kilt pin.

Our kilt pins come in many finishes. The most popular are antique (for a classic matte look) or polished (for a more shiny chrome look).

Kilt pins can be decorated with clan symbols, national emblems, or native animals and plants. You could also wear them to show off your wealth. The more elaborate and beautiful the kilt pin was, the richer you were. You could use your Kilt Accessories Set to pay for your funeral expenses if you were killed during the battle.

A kilt pin is traditionally worn on the right side. It should be pinned through the front of the apron at 4 inches below the bottom of your kilt, and 2 inches above the fringing. You should only pin through the front apron, not the layers below. This could cause damage to your kilt.

You can represent your clan with a Highland accessory by looking at our Kilt Pins.


The kilt pin should be fastened to the top of your Kilt, and not through multiple layers. This could cause damage to your Kilt. The kilt pin is placed in the lower right corner of your Kilt, which is the fringed open area. It is normally placed 2 squares above and below the edge of the fabric. The purpose of kilt pins is to add weight to your kilt’s front to make it sit more comfortably. For a coordinated look, we recommend that your kilt pin matches your accessories such as your scarf.


We have a kilt pin to match any style, in an assortment of finishes including chrome, black, and chrome. We have a variety of kilt pins to suit any style.

A distinctive kilt pin is a perfect accessory to your ultimate kilt ensemble. If you have questions about our extensive collection of kilt pins, please contact us.

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