Our Ultimate Guide to Wedding Kilt Etiquette

Wedding Kilt

You don’t want to miss your wedding day, but you do need to make sure you are a great guest. We will show you some key points and help you to understand the nuances of wedding kilts.

Perhaps you are looking for the perfect gift for your wedding or the perfect speech for Best Man. No matter what your situation, you don’t need to worry about how to make the famous Scottish kilt.

We will be there to advise you on the best kilt etiquette so that this special day is not ruined!

You’ve chosen the tartan you want to wear. But you still need to pick your wedding kilt outfit.

It all depends on how formal the day is. Will it be a formal evening event?


Your kilt should be worn with traditional evening wear for formal occasions such as weddings. This is the Prince Charlie Jacket outfit.

The jacket is slightly longer at its back and has three buttons on either side.

To complete your look, this jacket can be worn with:

  1. Three-buttoned waistcoat
  2. A plain-coloured (usually, white) shirt
  3. You can choose a plain black bow tie or one that matches your jacket.

It is important that the socks (socks), complement the outfit for formal occasions. These should not be white. However, cream is acceptable.

To complete the look, men can wear black brogues or Ghillie brogues.


The jacket that you’re wearing will determine the formality of your gown. In this case, the Prince Charlie jacket requires a full-dress sporran. These sporrans are formal and have an ovoid body with a metal cantle.


An Argyll Jacket is a great choice if you are opting for a more casual daytime wedding. These jackets look similar to a regular jacket but should be worn with a five-buttoned waistcoat.

A silver grey or tartan-colored wedding tie is a good choice to accompany the jacket and waistcoat combination. A black bow tie or one that matches your tartan may be required for the evening.

Black brogues and Ghillie brogues are perfect for finishing off your outfit.


A full-dress sporran with eveningwear is required to complete the look, but you can use a semi-dress for daytime events. They are distinguished from leather daywear by having a fur covering on their front bodies of the sporrans.


No matter if you’re formal or informal, some accessories can be paired with your kilt no matter where you are.


These are Flashes. Flashes can be used to hold the hose up and also act as decorative pieces.

Two strips of tartan that act as decorative elements should be identical to the tartan used in the kilt. They are placed on the socks at the top, as they serve a supporting function.


The Kilt Pin, a must-have accessory for kilt wear, is the. They are traditionally located at the bottom of your kilt’s open fringed corner.

You can choose the style of your kilt pin. Some people use it to represent their clan heritage with the clan crest included in the Kilt pin. Others use it for decoration with a variety of designs.


The Sgian Dubh, a single-edged knife, should be worn with every kilt outfit. You don’t need to worry about bringing a sharp knife with you as the cover is protected.

How and where can you put the Sgian Dubh in your home?

The blade should be facing the outside of your leg. You should align the leg with your dominant hand to determine which one you want. You should make sure that the hilt (handle), is visible in the socks.

Here’s our guide to wedding kilts. We hope that we have helped to ease any fears and wish you a wonderful day. Kilt Rental USA is the largest supplier of wedding kilt rentals in the USA! You can rent or buy authentic Scottish, Irish and Welsh kilts from our huge stock.

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