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Casual Look for Women

Deciding on what to wear to work in the winter can feel harder than at other times of the year. It’s not always easy to think of stylish and polished outfits for your office when the temperatures fall and you’d rather be swaddled in sweatpants. Fortunately, there are some suggestions to get dressed to your office if it is cold outside that will keep you cozy for your commute and are work-appropriate, if your office is conservative, or else you’re searching for business casual winter outfits.

Floral Skirt and Winter Sweater

Simply because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to hide your love of florals. Wearing floral prints in the winter is not just advanced fashion, it’s also a wonderful way to inject some color and whimsy into the world in a grey time of the year.

The trick is to match your dark florals, or even more, summary divides, with large, seasonally-appropriate cabinet bits. Here is a master class example of this from street style, where a colorful floral pleated midi skirt is matched with a leather motorcycle jacket. The entire look is pulled with the red high heeled boots, which pull from one of the colors in the skirt.

Floral Scarf and Black Suit

If wearing a garden’s worth of roses is not your bag, but you appreciate the feminine touch a flower or two can add to your appearance, we encourage you to dip your fashion toe into the world of dark florals that winter.

The tendency for wearing floral designs which are printed on a dark background is huge in fashion now, and perfectly suited to dressing for work in the winter months. Take a look at how a lanky floral scarf adds major sophistication and visual attention to some cropped black pantsuit to your work. This look is very French, and unlike the perfect French twist, so simple to design yourself for wearing to operate this season.

The Pant Suit

Pantsuits for girls have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Perhaps it’s that the Hilary effect, or perhaps it’s simply because they’re an easy way to look polished with hardly any effort, but we are certainly on board for this particular trend fad. Whether you select a pantsuit in a solid as pictured here, a stripe, or a blueprint, this is a genius way to look pulled together in the work this winter. Wear it to the traditional office using a white button-down shirt or lightweight turtleneck sweater in the winter, or with a t-shirt and sneakers for casual offices (or temperate climates).

Layers of Cashmere

If being swaddled in blankets sounds like your thought of a banner, good news — you can approximate that cozy feeling, while still looking chic and entirely acceptable for the workplace (as long as you’re not required to wear a suit to function ). We are so in love with this particular winter office outfit idea, which layers a soft palate vest (aka a sleeveless cardigan) above a comfy long-sleeved sweater, also in easeful cashmere. Worn with soft wide-leg trousers in winter white, and shiny black ankle boots, it is the perfect way to look well-dressed for work, while feeling super cozy and snug.

Tweed Blazer and Cropped Jeans

The always office-worthy outfit of a blazer and jeans gets a fashionable update when you style it with trendy cropped jeans. You’ll look like a boss in this work outfit which combines classic elements with fashion-forward trends, which makes it perfect for denim-friendly times on the job if you want to impress your coworkers with your style.

Start with a set of well-fitting jeans that hit your leg at (or just above) the ankle. Match these with a tucked-in, crisp blue button-down shirt (wear it buttoned to the top, or layered over a high-neck blouse as pictured). Then layer on a fashionable houndstooth plaid blazer, add a quality leather bag and finish your modern-meets-classic work outfit with a set of stacked heel ankle boots.

Graphic Blazer and Leather Pants

Most of those who work in much more casual offices rely on jeans as our go-to, everyday work wardrobe staple. But if you want to stick out from the photocopier crowd, consider investing in a pair of leather leggings (or even look-a-like coated black jeans, that are much more affordable) as a fashionable alternative to denim that is equally as adaptable for building work outfits around. Here, a simple outfit of shorts plus a button-down shirt gets a major fashion update. Add a jacket and accessories which telegraph your style. 

Add Color with a Scarf

Neutral colors can feel soothing and proper in winter, and head-to-toe outfits in one neutral shade (think grey, beige, or black) are chic looking and office worthy. But if you crave color, the easiest way to add a pop of this to your outfit would be to coating to a cozy scarf in rainbow colors. Bonus fashion tip — a great way to add visual interest to an outfit of all neutral tones, would be to change the textures. Here, the combination of a soft, ribbed sweater, crisply pleated skirt and furry pom poms on the shoes adds plenty of visual interest to this smart, all-gray winter outfit for work.

Try a Skirt Suit

The skirt suit has returned as a stylish option for women who enjoy dressing professionally but favor a skirt over trousers. We are way into the colorful spin on skirt match dressing, and it is a good reminder that you can (and should) show off your style, even when you’re wearing the classics. This suit could be office-worthy in black or gray, but this candy pink version, and worn with a sunflower yellow blouse and a clashing-on-purpose handbag to boot, it looks insanely stylish and confident — like a boss.

Ruffled Blouse and Midi Skirt

Have you been a girly type whose love for ruffles, frills, and adornments knows no boundaries? You may have been told (or maybe you’ve inferred) that you ought to tone down your love of overtly feminine dressing if you’ve got an eye on the corner office. Bosh, we say! In today’s day and age, you can dress as a woman and kick butt at work. The secret is to make your outfit look grown-up and womanly, as opposed to little girlish. This usually means wearing top quality feminine divides in neutral tones (not pastel colors or primary colors), and pairing them with severe bits that telegraph your energy. Here, we’ve discovered a stand-out example from the street style of how you can pull this off. Have a peek at how amazingly sophisticated a slick white ruffled blouse seems paired with a leather-look midi length pleated skirt, a gorgeous bag, classic makeup, and announcement heels.

The Patterned Dress for Work

Getting dressed for work can occasionally feel like a real chore (especially if you attempt it before your morning coffee). Give yourself a break and choose a one-and-done approach to weekday dressing this winter by investing in long-sleeved apparel or two at a pretty print. To seem suitable for the season, choose a printed dress in a darker background (such as the Victoria Beckham lip print dress). A midi length apparel is a cool alternative that looks up to date and by all means, wear it with tights and a long overcoat, if your local weather worth more coverage. Pair your dress of choice with classic pumps and one or two bits of delicate jewelry (think easy studs or a pendant necklace), for a pretty, stylish winter work outfit that’s almost effortless.

The Serious Dress for Work

Pattern-phobes, here is a print-free example of how to wear a dress to work this winter and look completely sophisticated. We love the way the large necked, midi length apparel in deep indigo blue seems complicated, not intense, thanks to this body-skimming cut and the belt detail at the waist. Wear this fantastic winter workout ensemble option with a fantastic blow-out, black high heels, and a big leather handbag that shows you mean business.

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