The Sticks & Megaphones: The History of it

Sticks & Megaphones

Pom-poms are not the only iconic accessory for cheerleading. The history of cheerleading shows that spirit sticks and megaphones are also popular accessories. Spirit sticks aren’t just important for cheerleaders or teams; they’re also a popular choice with the crowd. Megaphones are just as popular with stadium crowds as cheerleaders or mascots. Let’s look back.

Spirit Sticks

Each cheerleader knows the joy of being awarded the spirit stick at cheer camp.

Although one squad was not the most skilled at the move, they were the most enthusiastic and stood out among all the others in spirit. They showed up early, stayed until the end of practice to work, and encouraged the other teams in every activity. Their enthusiasm greatly increased camp spirit.

Since then cheer camps have used spirit sticks as a way to express the essence of cheerleading. These awards are presented to the cheerleading team that displays the most spirit and support to all other camps. This is the goal that all cheerleading squads aim to achieve.

Individual teams have taken up the tradition of giving the spirit stick award to the person who best embodies the cheer spirit. Crowds often carry their version of spirit sticks, which they wave to the crowd. Some even double as noisemakers. Crowd sticks can be used to raise funds for teams. They can either make them themselves and sell them, or they can order them from a cheerleading organization for resale.

The decorations and embellishments on spirit sticks have become more elaborate over time. Each team has its spirit stick. They either have one that they pass down each year or make a new one every season. It might be decorated with the school colors and the names of their members.


Sometimes cheerleaders’ voices can be drowned out by enthusiastic crowds at performances and games. To overcome this, they use megaphones. The audience can hear them cheering and chanting and they can lead the charge in raising spirits.

Megaphones were first invented by the Greek Theater in 500-200 BC. Actors needed to project their voices to large audiences during performances, and microphones weren’t yet available. To project their voices to the audience, actors used a small cone-shaped mouthpiece.

Megaphones were used by cheerleaders at Princeton to project their voices during football games in the 1880s. While cheerleading at universities was popularized, it was only men who cheered at football matches and used megaphones for deeper voices. Megaphones were first used by male cheerleaders in the 1930s and 1940s.

There are two types of megaphones today: plastic megaphones with open ends and an electric megaphone that has a microphone and loudspeaker. Because they are easier to perform with, cheerleaders prefer plastic megaphones. To make their squads more spirited, cheerleaders decorate their megaphones by adding team or school logos, encouraging words, and decals.

Cheerleading is about positive attitudes, raising spirits, and bringing joy to the crowd. To cheerleaders, megaphones and the spirit stick are essential to keep them motivated.

A megaphone, a handheld cone-shaped, portable device that amplifies the voice of a person in a particular direction, is used most frequently at large events. There are two types of megaphones: acoustic or powered. The acoustic megaphone is a funnel through which the voice can be projected. An electric megaphone is composed of a funnel and amplifier as well as a microphone and loudspeaker. Although we associate the megaphone often with cheerleading it existed long before this.

You can also find an earlier use for the megaphone in sixth-century Greece, where amphitheaters were a popular gathering place. Theater actors had to find ways to amplify their voices with cones and funnels, as there was no electricity at the time. This idea was adapted and improved upon by other cultures to create the modern devices that we use.

The modern cheerleading megaphone was shaped by the nineteenth century. This was a period of many great inventions.

The megaphone was used to yell at leaders clearly and loudly for the first time.

A megaphone is a great tool to use in your cheers to project your voice. Use a megaphone in cheers that involve the audience. They need to be able to hear what you are saying and to join you in your cheers. One cheerleader usually uses the cheer megaphone, while the rest of her squad goes along with the action.

Use Your Megaphone: Tips

To be heard, it is important to properly use your megaphone Cheerleaders should remember this:

  • Use her megaphone and standstill. Bouncing will make the sound reverberate.
  • Clearly state your thoughts.
  • Move the megaphone towards the crowd.
  • The megaphone should be held in one direction. Do not try to shout at everyone in the crowd. This causes the words to fade.
  • The megaphone should be used until the last syllable is spoken. The words will fade if you do not.

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